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A private D&D Campaign for the LOD set in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms.
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 Ye Quest Journal

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PostSubject: Ye Quest Journal   Ye Quest Journal Icon_minitimeMon Feb 28, 2011 12:55 pm

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Current Quests

  • Retrieve Goods - Retrieve goods stolen by bandits from Church of Sehanine (C'nedra - 2nd session)

  • Harvest Meteorite - Find a way to remove the arcane meteorite from the Drake cave (Self imposed - 2nd session)

  • Speak to Councilman Droverson - In regards to Sons of Temel or RH Trade Coalition involvement with Franco (C'Nedra - 2nd session)

  • Key from Banites- Find out where the secret church of Bane is in the city (Self Imposed - 2nd session)

  • Stolen Recipe 2- Find out who forced Vorn to steal beer recipe (given by Valddan Coldforge - 1st session)

  • Mysterious T- Find out who told Franco the wererat to set up base and wait for orders (Shagold - 1st session)

Completed Quests

  • Magic Infused Drakes - Retrieve Residuum (turned in to Lucky Laxinilly - 1st to 2nd session)

  • Bounty Hunter - The rebel Tregger (turned in toTerios Helm-Basher of Rock Hammer Reclamation - 1st to 2nd session)

  • Stolen Recipe - Found out who stole recipe (turned in to Valddan Coldforge - 1st session)

  • Rats in the Basement - Killed them! (tuned in to Shagold - 1st session)

  • Cross City Race - First team with three members across finish line (tuned in to Lucky Laxinilly- 1st session)

  • Arena Fight - Defeat band of goblins faster than others (tuned in to Lucky Laxinilly- 1st session)

Expired Quests

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Ye Quest Journal
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