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A private D&D Campaign for the LOD set in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms.
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 Bounty, Check-ins, Drakes, Rumors - 2nd Sessions

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Bounty, Check-ins, Drakes, Rumors - 2nd Sessions Empty
PostSubject: Bounty, Check-ins, Drakes, Rumors - 2nd Sessions   Bounty, Check-ins, Drakes, Rumors - 2nd Sessions Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 3:26 pm

The capture of the outlaw Treggar

The Brigade woke the following morning and discovered that Lendri was a little under the weather and Un’goro was running late so the rest of the group, Baern the dwarf, Xune the drow, and Logan the Huge set off for the Temel Monument to lay in wait for the outlaw Treggar.

However, the Brigade learned that Treggar and his men were already at the Temel Monument, taking a little break. Xune went into stealth mode and snuck up to get a better view, which was good since she spotted another gang member checking out some broke down wagons off to the side. Xune was able to spot two individuals in the gang that wore the emblems of some god unknown to her.

Having little options, Baern and Logan calmly walked up to the monument causing Treggar to react, demanding to know their business. The two said they were just passing through and Treggar announced a fee required to do so, commanding Logan to toss his coin purse to him.

Logan proceeded to pour the coins into his hand and toss them, disrespectively, at Treggar.

This enraged the broad shouldered man and he barked at them to get the “F” out of here by ways of going around the other side of the statue. Logan did and Baern did for a second, but decided to charge Treggar instead.

Seconds later Baern was dropped.

Treggar laughed and taunted the rest of the Brigade, Xune got the upper hand against the scout and quickly moved on to the spell caster. Logan struggled with two thugs who came out of the broken down old merchant store. Treggar, having thought Baern dead, moved toward Logan while the longspear bandit closed in on Xune.

Baern made a miraculous recovery and got back to his feet to assist Xune and between the two of them they quickly put down the spell caster and the longspear bandit.

Logan was whittling down Treggar and demanded his surrender. Treggar started to see the wisdom in the cavalier’s words, as well as his comrades dying. Logan threw down his shield and eventually his sword as well. Treggar was beaten and surrounded, he gave up.

Right about here is where Un’goro showed up, and a skill challenge ensued to learn what was going on and if Treggar could possibly offer some help.

It seems that Treggar was forced into servitude by the Church of Bane, to escort these two Banites to the front gate of Rock Hammer. A note on the outlaw confirmed this:

Quote :

You and your men need to escort my acolytes through the city gates, they know where to go from there.

Once they are through, your reward will be delivered. Pick it up in the first open grave you find in the cemetery.

- Mayock (signed with the symbol of Bane at the bottom of the page)

Also found amongst the outlaw’s possessions was two grey cloaks with hoods. The Brigade hatched an idea to enter Rock Hammer with the cloaks on to see what they might find as far as a secret temple of Bane in their city. Un’goro and Xune were set to do this while Baern and Logan stayed with Treggar to see where the money came from.

Just as the hooded half-orc and drow stepped foot into the city a vendor’s cart was toppled over, sending his goods everywhere. Just as that happened, Logan notice another guy reach into his back pocket and don a red had. When that happened, a third guy across the Everlund Pass tossed a pouch into an open grave and continue about his business.

After Un’goro and Xune entered the city they saw an individual nod at them and duck down a back alley behind the Stone’s Throw Tavern and towards the warehouse district. When they got far enough away the man turned to them and said, “sorry about that, couldn’t have that bandit Treggar knowing where our base is, whoa, who the hell are you?!?”

A fight broke out in the back alley between Xune and Un’goro and a banite necromancer while at the same time Baern and Logan trailed the guy who tossed the money in the grave back to his house.

As Xune and Un’goro defeated the banite and went through his pockets finding a key that opened a large door, Baern and Logan came to the realization that the red hat guy and the money dropper guy where paid by an unknown man (or men) to perform these actions.

Treggar was taken to Rock Hammer Reclamation to a thrilled Terios, and rewards were given. The Brigade went straight to the City Patrol’s headquarters to speak with Officer Greywind to speak on behalf of Treggar and his help in this investigation.

The Brigade returned to Nok & Nak’s for a mini celebration.

Check Ins

The following day the Brigade checked in with C’nedra first and she had a short report on the Franco note the group found in the first session.

Quote :
We’ve looked into the background of the halfling Franco and learned that he had only arrived here in Rock Hammer a few months ago. I feel that he was brought in for a reason, to perform a particular task or to serve a particular roll.

He was hiding in the Temel Ward, and it is know that the Rock Hammer Trade Coalition often feuds with the Sons of Temel. Perhaps that is the connection. Either the Coalition planted him there to act against the Sons, or the Sons put him there, close to them for protection.

I would suggest seeking out Councilman Droverson. He seems unaligned with both the Sons and the Coalition. Perhaps he can provide some insight.

After the group informed C’nedra of the possibility of a church of Bane existing in Rock Hammer she also had work for the group:

Quote :
One of our brethren was robbed on his way here from lands far away. He managed to escape and return here, but he had valuable merchandise on him that the Church of Selune needs. I would suggest heading to the spot where this attack took place and see if you can find where they went.

Lastly, C’Nedra informally invited Xune to become a guild-like member of the church, much like Baern is with the League of Fighters.

Next the group went to check in with Shagold of the League of Fighters, he has less information on the Franco note:

Quote :
Hmmm, most troubling. I fear an organization that does not have Rock Hammer’s best interests in mind. But know neither the scope nor the magnitude of it, it provides us with no direction. All of us need to keep an eye out for more clues.

Shagold did have some information in regards to Vorn Oakbeard whom the group had captured the week before:

Quote :
It is my understanding that Vorn has been expelled from Clan Oakbeard and is now referred to around town as “Vorn the Exile”.

Finally, Shagold asked Logan about joining the League of Fighters, and after checking in with Talain, the cavalier did.


The Brigade next followed up on the quest given by Lucky Laxinilly about retrieving some residuum from some arcane infused drakes nearby. After a short skill challenge to find the lair, the group entered and fought a fair about of them.

However, while they were awaiting for the blister to appear so that they might retrieve the magic, they were attacked by ants and stirges. Most of the ants (the minions anyways) were only interested in retrieving the bodies themselves, and one of the bodies was taken from them. Eventually the Brigade fought off the attackers and managed to retrieve 13 doses of residuum.

Also, they found the source of this strange magics, a meteor that had uncovered probably by the ants in this cave, and the drakes were somehow drawn to it and changed.

Bounty, Check-ins, Drakes, Rumors - 2nd Sessions 199677_1819613646088_1112561712_32118870_2750595_n

The meteorite seems invulnerable to physical and magical attacks as they nether damage not affect the wall to which it is attached to. However the group did discover that a Ritual Spell and a small amount of residuum would be sufficient to drive a wedge in the aura of invulnerability surrounding these meteorite chunks.

The group decided to keep this fact to themselves and not tell Lucky Laxinilly about it. They had hoped to return to Rock Hammer and find a way to remove the meteorite from the wall.


By the time the Brigade returned to Rock Hammer they noticed they got a few strange stares, when just a few days ago they were the toast of the town after winning the Contest of Adventure. They eventually learned that a rumor was spreading through town that the Brigade cheated:

Quote :
“Yea, that’s what I heard, those guys that won cheated! That big ugly druid, knowing the ways of animals, whipped those dogs in the courtyard into a frenzy, heck even killed one of them, and got them to attack the two guys from 500 Fights that were behind him. You know since he is all old and shit, he knew he wasn’t going to beat those guys so he cheated. What a bum!”
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Bounty, Check-ins, Drakes, Rumors - 2nd Sessions
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