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A private D&D Campaign for the LOD set in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms.
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 Siege of Bordrin's Watch - Eleint 11th

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Siege of Bordrin's Watch - Eleint 11th Empty
PostSubject: Siege of Bordrin's Watch - Eleint 11th   Siege of Bordrin's Watch - Eleint 11th Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 7:15 pm

Siege of Bordrin's Watch - Eleint 11th E518e6e9ef3f43aebd9b74b586efa3cd H 66/L 46, winds out of the east at 45 mph

Closest Patrol Today: A5
Captain Aito rests at Rock Hammer
Captain Ensyer travels from Cholnudon to Rock Hammer
Captain Thulver travels from Silverymoon to Rock Hammer
Captain Dominic defends Rock Hammer

The party headed out the following morning to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain:

Constructed centuries ago to house an elite fighting force of Moradin dedicates, the Monastery of the Sundered Chain preserves the memoires of the hardships endured by dwarves across the land. For generations, the monastery has stood as a symbol of dwarven perseverance and expertise in the fighting arts and one who trains there not only receives an excellent education in religion and combat, but also gains a mark of pride and honor.

The monastery is about 20 miles from Overlook, higher up in the mountains, and just beneath the Hammer, a great peak that loosely resembles a down-turned hammer.

Outside of a few endurance difficulties the group made it to the monastery without incident by early evening. Immediately they knew something was wrong as a handful of orcs littered the grounds inside the walls in a courtyard.

After the heroes dealt with them they headed into the main chamber, a massive room with an alter in the center. An altar to Moradin that had been defiled by an eye of Gruumsh who was under the watchful eye of several orc archers.

The battle ensues and two rounds into the fight an orc berserker and several drudges emerge from a secret door under the altar and rush into the fray. The heroes get a little separated with some rushing forward while others take to the balconies to deal with the aerial attacks.

The secret door leads to a spiral staircase that ends in a huge hallway dominated by a dwarf statue fighting a hydra. Off on the sides of this room are dozens of persona quarters for the dwarf followers. Orcs and orogs sift through the remains of the dwarves looking for loot when the heroes arrive. Umberto nearly gets too far separated from the group but eventually they prevail. Although I think Lozigee got dropped twice.

The next room was a series of staircases above a massive chasm. Just like the Mines of Moria in Fellowship of the Ring. The experienced some difficult dealing with the difficult terrain, orc archers shooting at them, and calculating Pythagorean Theorem. The Heroes are steadfast and push their way down the staircase.

The final room for the day was once the furnace room, but debris had closed off the exit. Several orcs stand around watching their leader Og, a huge orog warrior, torture and interrogate a dwarf. The heroes get a surprise round and under the roar of the nearby fire, bolt into the room and take out several of the orc drudges before they realize what is going on.

Things look good for the heroes until Og wades into battle, his sweeping attacks kept the very badly injured heroes from retreating. Umberto stepped forward and challenged him wielding Merthuvial which seemed to shimmer a bit brighter at this time. Lozigee is dropped, only to roll a natural 20 to get up again but only for a few more rounds. Grognak, is dropped as well toward the end of the fight. Almost everyone was out of healing surges before Og finally succumbed to the huge amounts of damage he took and fell to the ground.

The group hurried over to the dwarf and Kregnok administered some healing to get him to his feet. Kalad is tall for a dwarf, thickly muscled, but his beard was savagely cut from his face and his injuries are extensive (he has 1 hit point and is out of healing surges)

Quote :
“We must…we must seal the Nexus. This will force the orcs through Bordrin’s Watch. Very defensible. If not, the orcs will enter through here and swarm over Overlook and then Silverymoon. I’ve….I’ve already sealed the tunnels underneath Bordrin’s Watch so this is the only other place they can get through. But we must go through the Vents. We must make certain the other group (the Glorious Defenders) completed their mission. Too much is at stake, friends! It’s a labyrinth down there, easy to get turned around. Would you risk the lives over everyone in the Silver Marches on the efforts of just one group? Not far from here, a few miles back on the surface. But first, we must rest and gather our strength.”
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Siege of Bordrin's Watch - Eleint 11th
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