Rock Hammer Hold

A private D&D Campaign for the LOD set in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms.
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 Into the Vents - Eleint 12th

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Sam the DM
Sam the DM

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PostSubject: Into the Vents - Eleint 12th   Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:52 pm

H 71/L 51, winds out of the east at 35 mph, ½ inch of rain

Patrols Today: B1
Captain Dominic travels from Rock Hammer to Cholnudon
Captain Aito travels from Rock Hammer to Silverymoon
Captain Ensyer rests at Rock Hammer
Captain Thulver defends Rock Hammer

You wake up back in the common area of the Monastery, and at the request of Kalad, you spent a good chunk of last night cleaning up the area as best you could; Addressing the bodies of the fallen dwarves and then dragging the bodies of the orc invaders to the staircase and casting them over the ledge.

Kalad is the first one up this morning and seems to be chomping at the bit to exact some revenge on the orcs and get down to the Vents. Sensing the dwarf’s urgency, you quickly down some rations and prepare to head out when a burst of bright light appears in the dwarven hallway.

The piercing light fades as you lower your hands and in front of you is a familiar visage. It is the King who granted Merthuvial to you months ago.

Quote :
“Friends, you honor me and my beliefs with your heroics. You stand for justice and truth in this mountains much as I tried to do in my time. For that I bestow additional powers to you in the hopes that your efforts are true.”

The image brightens again and fades quickly. The visage of the King is gone. Umberto has a strange look on his face. Mostly a smile, but with some trepidation.
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PostSubject: Re: Into the Vents - Eleint 12th   Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:16 pm

What an excellent way to start the day :-) Time to make sure The Glorious Defenders have held up there end of defense.
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Into the Vents - Eleint 12th
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